Ol Moti


The Schools for Kenya infrastructure programme currently focuses on our two schools, located in Southern Kenya, close to the Tanzanian border and Mount Kilimanjaro and the Amboseli National Park, and approximately 200 kilometres south of Nairobi.

We have built and developed a secondary school in Lenkisem and a primary school in Ol Moti and over 500 pupils currently attend both schools, with a mixture of boarders and day pupils.

The schools are supported by the Kenyan Education Department who provide school materials and pay the salaries of the majority of the teachers. Additional teachers are funded by local communities.

All children must attend primary school and recently the Kenyan Government announced the introduction of 100{53a42cab83ef94b37f91bb87d85b82041b176aacc0e2288e03196d4ab6854cfb} Transition – meaning that all children must, by law, enter secondary school and stay for the duration of their secondary education. This is significant and helps reduce the number of pupils who, up until now would only have been educated to primary school standard. Parents who fail to ensure their children attend secondary school may face arrest and/or fines.

It is the intention, in partnership with the Born Free Foundation Kenya, to support additional schools who participate in the Born Free Education and Conservation Programmes.