Schools for Kenya is proud to work in partnership with Born Free Kenya, with special thanks to David Manoa, Head of Conservation Programmes and Phoebe Odhiang, Education Programme Officer.

They help project manage our projects at Ol Moti and Lenkisem and deliver education and conservation programmes throughout the Amboseli National Park and beyond. Their guidance and support is invaluable.

Born Free is committed to protecting threatened species in their natural habitats and preventing animal suffering by building sustainable systems for co-existence.

Wildlife is coming under increasing pressure from both environmental and human driven changes. The threats are many and include habitat degradation and destruction, unsustainable exploitation of resources and human-wildlife conflict.

Born Free recognises the interconnection between wildlife and community well-being. The human element cannot be separated from the conservation of wildlife. Therefore, building a sense of stewardship towards the planet, its natural resources and the wild neighbours is essential for the protection and survival of so many species, including lions and elephants to name but two.

With compassionate conservation at their core, they work with communities who live alongside wildlife to promote tolerance and co-existence.

In order to enable lasting behaviour change in support of animal welfare and wildlife conservation they raise the profile and importance of these issues with policymakers, the wider public and other stakeholders, through education and advocacy.