Diana and Peter visited Kenya in late February 2019.

We were accompanied by Manoa David, Head of Conservation Programmes and Phoebe Odhiang, Education Programme Officer, Born Free Foundation Kenya.

The purpose of the visit was to review progress at our secondary school in Lenkisem, to assess the current situation at the school and to discuss the location of the proposed solar powered borehole. We met with all the key stakeholders, including the Head of Education Quality, a Government Minister, Ranch representatives, parents, teachers and members of the Board of Management.

We also visited our school in Ol Moti where we intend to site a solar powered self-contained computer lab.

Ol Moti in particular is thriving – they now have 321 primary school pupils and 59 children in Kindergarten. Indeed, demand has been so high for Kindergarten places that an additional centre has been opened close to the school and this now has 65 pupils.