Ending 2019 on such a high, we had big plans for the year ahead. Kenya visits, Golf Days and much more, this was going to be an exciting year for the charity. Starting off the year, in January we had several meetings to plan for 2020. In February, we sent Trustees John and Jill out to Kenya to visit our two schools. They met the team from Born Free Kenya and also visited potential new schools for the charity, overall the trip was a huge success. Carrying on this prosperity, we found out that the cost for the solar powered borehole at our secondary school had been signed off and they could start constructing. In the following month, planning was underway for our Golf Day in June. Previously raising over £10,000 this was one of our biggest fundraising events of the year. Then the pandemic hit. Boris Johnson announced that “you must stay at home”. This unfortunately meant that we had to cancel the Golf Day and any future trips to Kenya, for the time being, could no longer go ahead. Our main priority was keeping everyone safe, even if this came at a cost to the charity. It did however give us the opportunity to plan for bigger and better fundraising in the future. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us through these difficult times, we can assure you that there are exciting things to come for the charity!

Meredith Stephenson