Over the course of the last year we have been raising funds to purchase and install a solar powered borehole at our secondary school at Lenkisem. Currently the only water the school has access to is the community borehole which has not only been an inconvenience for the community but also the school itself. Out in Kenya, schools that have their own borehole or supply of  water are viewed as superior to other schools. Therefore in theory, a school with a borehole is likely to attract a higher number of students. It will also benefit the school as it will have its own water supply meaning students will be able to grow fruit and vegetables. We are thrilled to announce that the cost of the project has been signed off and contractors have been appointed. Subject to the results of the 2nd hydrogeological survey we will be able to begin drilling and constructing the borehole in the next few months. We would like to thank everyone who has supported the charity for making this project possible. Stay tuned for further updates!

Meredith Stephenson