Every little really helps.  We are delighted by all donations irrespective of size and thank all our supporters for their continued loyalty and commitment. We couldn’t make a difference without your help.
A few of our founder donors and people that have helped Schools for Kenya achieve what it has so far deserve a mention, namely: 
  • Rod and Linda Bellamy

    Lenkisem Secondary School Form One – 2012

  • Allen Accountants
  • Laurence and Carol Bloom
  • Maurice and Alison Bloom
  • Dominic and Valda Burke
  • Mathew Burke
  • Helen Davies
  • Claudine Descombes
  • Easi Drive Limited
  • Julian de Freitas
  • Jack and Joan Froggatt
  • John Jeffery
  • Jake Malcolm
  • George Marriott
  • Prestige Print & Design Limited

    Lunch Time – Ol-Moti

  • Keith Salisbury
  • Alan Skirvin
  • Rose Sethia
  • Anthony Solomon
  • Alwin and Shirley Thompson
  • Joe Thornhill
  • Sara Townsend
  • Gail Wiegman
  • Joe Willkehr
  • Souter Charitable Trust 
  • St James’ Place Foundation
  • John and Christina
  • Starlight
  • Bread of Life
  • Allan and Nesta Ferguson
  • Simon Bellamy
  • Rositas – Tony and Ann
  • Eric and Caz O Connor
  • Richard Pulford
  • Richard Ewing
  • Chris Allen