This is a recently received update from our Born Free representative on the ground in Kenya.  You will see from our appeal below how much we have achieved.  Our thanks to all who have contributed so generously:

We are still working hard to raise funds for the desperately needed dormitories.  Temporary Dormitories are being constructed at present.

Our appeal below is still ongoing, as we endeavour to complete it.

Lenkisem 2012

The next stage of development at Lenkisem School is construction of further classrooms and a laboratory as listed below. The School is currently enrolling pupils for 2012, with a record number of applicants which is very encouraging.  The nearest secondary school to Lenkisem is approximately 40 miles away.
In our targeted list of expenditure, the following are necessities that we would be extremely grateful for your support.
  • Dormitory for 100 children: £40,000 *
  • Fully equipped laboratory: £16,000 – Complete
  • 2 Teachers houses (for 4 teachers): £14,000 *
  • Solar lighting for dormitories etc: £1,000 *
  • Boys and girls latrines (2 each): £1,000 – Complete
  • 50 desks and chairs: £1,000 – Complete
  • 10 bunk beds with mattresses: £600 – Complete
  • Water Tank: £600 *
  • Computer, printer, software: £600 *
  • * Denotes, ‘still required’