£17,473.75 raised, 1,085m climbed, lots of dancing, 4 flights, over 10 new desks and 11 new computers later; 2019 has been a very successful year for the charity. In February two of our trustees, Diana and Peter, went on their third visit to Kenya. Visiting both schools, they were able to plan for the year of fundraising ahead.Then in July, Peter and his daughter Meredith climbed Snowdon raising a total of £1,323.75 for the charity. A few months later, in October, we sent our friends and supporters of the charity out to Kenya to visit one of our schools and see the work we do out there. With the help of The Born Free Foundation we also completed the new computer lab at Olmoti and got new desks for the children. November was also a successful month, hosting our second charity ball at the Cottons Hotel & Spa raising over £16,000. The remainder of the year was spent planning for the new year ahead.

We would like to thank everyone who has made this year so successful and we hope that 2020 is as rewarding.

Meredith Stephenson